The Hype and Reality of Data Mesh

What is a data mesh and how does it work?


In this presentation, Forth Point's Chief Operating Officer, Neil Carden talks through data meshes and asks the question: why aren't companies using better data.


Along with demystifying the data mesh and looking at the difference between the hype and reality surrounding it, Neil talks about the opportunities for FinTechs.

Introducing Forth Point

Forth Point is going to be delivering on the promises of Industry 4.0 – the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Industry 4.0 is a broad kirk, from manufacturing and energy to financial services and pharma. The common factor is getting the most out of your data assets to increase efficiency, reduce waste and make yourself more nimble.

We’ll be cracking open data silos, refining data assets, turning the raw assets into valuable resources through data science, machine learning and AI and delivering on the promises of being evidence led.