Categorising the Players in the Blockchain Industry


As part of Scotland's FinTech Festival, MBN Solutions' Director of Client Services, Rob Huggins, hosted the VP of Marketing and Strategy at Blockchain Technology Partners for a presentation and Q&A session about the distributed ledger technology landscape (DLT). 


The project is spearheaded by Csilla and BTP and attempts to categorise and document the many different players in the current Distributed Ledger / Blockchain space. 


The creation of the DLT Landscape was inspired by the growing complexity of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) space, in particular the increasing number of projects and companies innovating in areas outside of the core ledger layer, which has considerably transformed the DLT vendor landscape in the last couple of years. 


Three main take-aways: 

  • Blockchain Technology Partners have been instrumental in building this tool, but it’s an open-source project – independent of the company

  • As such, Csilla encourages anyone who has a stake/interest in the DLT space to add any vendors, partners or platforms to the landscape to keep it as accurate as possible 

  • The DLT Landscape can be found here:


Walking the DLT landscape