Three Hacks to Accelerate Your Data Science Career

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How to Accelerate Your Data Science Career

Are you feeling like your data science career has slowed down? Perhaps it feels like it never really got started in the first place? That's a tough spot to be in, regardless of which industry you're in. 

Alexey Grigorev, Lead Data Scientist at OLX Group and author of Machine Learning BookCamp, gives us his three hacks for stopping data science careers from going stagnant and accelerating them into the place you want them to be. 


Watch the Full Presentation

So, what are the three hacks for accelerating your data science career? In this presentation, which you can watch now, Alexey talks us through his three hacks and why they're effective. 

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Now that you have Alexey's three hacks to accelerating your data science career locked and loaded, it's time to get involved the data science community. The UK data science community is welcoming, open and full of interesting and intelligent people. We bring the community together regularly for events and discussions. 

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