April’s Data Science & Technology Meet-Up saw us joined by Allan Stevenson from Weights & Biases

Allan led a session designed to teach Machine Learning enthusiasts how to “Supercharge” their models.

The session was hosted by Robin Huggins, Director of Client Services at MBN and joined by a group of ML enthusiasts for a great interactive session which allowed participants an opportunity to track their model development process in “real time” using the W&B tool.

Watch the full session.

ML Workflows Webinar In Recap

Our three takeaways from the session were:

  • Store, measure, and improve every Experiment by easily tracking everything you do

  • Version, prepare, and analyse all your data across every step in your pipelines

  • Collaborate on insights and best practices by sharing visualisations and documentation

Allan then fielded some final questions from the audience around scope and capabilities of the tool with those who took part in the session eligible for some great swag!

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