Lead Consultant at Cardlytics, Karen Jean-Francois, discusses the “Invisible Analyst".


The presentation was Karen’s anecdotal experience as a Lead Data Analyst and how she overcame situations to help better influence the team around her.

Karen’s experience as an Analytics Practitioner, coupled with her talent within Thought Leadership, allowed her to give an honest and pragmatic presentation. She covered how to promote your skills, experience and get your point across to stakeholders and managers, in order to create a more collaborative relationship within the workplace.

Watch the full session.

Top takeaways: 

The presentation gave a variety of different methods and practical solutions that an analyst can do to help influence an outcome. Whether that be career promotions, influence within a meeting, or developing an understanding with non-technical stakeholders.

Naturally, the impact of working from home was also discussed, with regards to career progression. 

It was an informative and honest presentation with some great questions around pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Karen also gave some great advice for introverted professionals on how to find a way of overcoming anxiety and influencing without having to be the loudest voice in the room.

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