Creating Great Analysts: How to Build and Identify Skills in Your Team

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Creating Great Analysts with Martin Squires

At April's Data Science Meet Up, Director of Advanced Analytics at Pets at Home and six time Data IQ Data 100 member, Martin Squires talked about how to identify and nurture skills in your team, as well as being able to spot hidden talent in the people that you're hiring. 

Download the slides from Martin's presentation and watch the whole presentation below. 



Watch the Full Presentation

Revisit Martin's presentation or watch it for the first time. Martin talks about how 75% of data analysts are looking for a new role, that leadership isn't about the ability to write code but managing and marrying supply and demand and working out what the organization needs and how data and analytics can support business needs. 

Martin also explores the importance of competency frameworks for upskilling analysts, looking at what skills they need and how those skills can be built. 

Watch the Post-Event Q&A with Martin Squires 

Following Martin's presentation, he did a 30-minute Q&A. During the Q&A Martin took audience questions, helping them work through challenges in their own teams and skills development and giving advice for how people can keep an eye out for hidden talent in the people they're working with. 

Three Hacks to Accelerate Your Data Science Career 

Alexey Grigorev, Lead Data Scientist at OLX Group and author of Machine Learning BookCamp, is joining us for May's Data Science Meet Up. 

Alexey will be talking about his three hacks that help data scientists accelerate their careers and how they can implement it. 

If you're just starting out or looking to make a move or feeling like you're a bit stuck where you are, this is the talk for you. 

As always, we'll have Q&A at the end of the session, so come armed with your questions about career advice and Alexey will help as much as he can. 


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